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Calgary Psychologist

Murray works collaboratively with his clients to bring about the changes they would like to make. He often uses a three part model to facilitate these changes. This includes looking at the difficult feelings a person may be struggling with (for example, loss, depression, anxiety, stress or anger) to help learn why the difficult feelings are there and to potentially deal with or eliminate them permanently, often reducing or eliminating the need for anti-depressant medications.

Difficult or unwanted thoughts are dealt with. Thoughts such as, “I am less important or not as valuable as others.” Core beliefs and values, such as beliefs about relationships, trust, honesty, fidelity, finances, commitment, parenting and communication that a person or couple are struggling with are dealt with. Accurate insight into the underlying reasons or root causes for the issues people struggle with can be addressed to help make significant changes that last.

Often people lack the skills or lack the ability to make the changes they want. For example, they may not know how to confront someone who is treating them poorly without either giving in or acting overly hostile towards the person. Other people may know how they should act but cannot follow through when they need to. The new skills to help resolve problem issues are addressed and help is given to be able to follow through with using the skills.

Help is offered for people to use the new insights and skills, and the change in negative feelings to benefit themselves individually, to have more fulfilling work situations and in significant relationships so that couples and families can have the better life, connection and communication that they desire.

Living A Full Life

Clients are served throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas. The Office is North of Downtown Calgary and borders the North West and North East parts of the city. Please call (403) 244-0244 to book an appointment, or see below for a map of our location.

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