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Murray Molohon, a Registered Psychologist with over 35 years of experience in counseling and mental health, has a distinguished career marked by significant contributions and diverse expertise. Beginning his journey in youth, family, and crisis interventions from 1988 to 1994, he then spent a decade as a social worker, gaining profound insights into individual and relationship health. For the past 20 years, Murray has excelled as a practicing psychologist, specializing in couple counseling and fostering positive change through enhanced communication and problem-solving strategies. Educated at the University of Gonzaga, University of Calgary, and Providence, he is registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists and has been a member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta and the Canadian Association of Social Workers. Murray’s career is a testament to his dedication to mental health and his comprehensive approach to counseling.

Our comprehensive counseling services, including both individual and relationship therapy, are priced at only $160.00. Experience the transformative power of expert therapy at a rate that’s significantly more affordable than the majority of psychologists across Alberta. Step into a brighter future without overstepping your budget.

Welcome to Alberta Counselling in Calgary! We offer heartfelt, expert support through relationship, couples, family, and marriage counselling. Our team is dedicated to helping you find mental wellness and personal growth in a safe and understanding environment. Ready for a change? Let’s embark on this journey to a more fulfilling life together. Join us and see why we’re the top choice for counselling in Calgary.

Our Services

Individual Counselling

Our Individual Counselling services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, providing a supportive and confidential environment to explore personal challenges and growth opportunities.

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  1. Personal Growth and Identity Issues: Navigating life transitions, exploring self-identity, and fostering personal development.
  2. Anxiety, Worry, and Stress Management: Techniques to manage anxiety, reduce worry, and cope with stress effectively.
  3. Anger Management and Control Issues: Strategies to understand and manage anger, and develop healthier ways of expressing emotions.
  4. Depression and Mood Disorders: Support and therapy for managing symptoms of depression and mood fluctuations.
  5. Self-Esteem and Body Image Issues: Building a positive self-image and addressing concerns related to body perception.
  6. Grief, Loss, and Life Transitions: Providing support through the grieving process and during significant life changes or losses.
  7. Trauma and Crisis Intervention: Addressing the impact of traumatic events and offering strategies for coping and recovery.
  8. Obsessive Behaviors and Phobias: Therapy for overcoming obsessive thoughts and behaviors, and addressing various phobias.
  9. PTSD and Post-Traumatic Growth: Helping individuals recover from PTSD and facilitating growth following traumatic experiences.

Couple and Family Counselling

Focused on enhancing relationships and resolving conflicts within families and couples, this service addresses communication, marital challenges, parenting, and family dynamics.

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  1. Marriage and Couples Counselling: Enhancing intimacy, trust, and partnership; addressing marital challenges.
  2. Communication Between Spouses: Developing effective communication skills to foster understanding and empathy.
  3. Dealing with Divorce and Separation: Navigating the complexities of divorce and separation, and its impact on family dynamics.
  4. Coparenting Strategies: Building cooperative parenting approaches post-separation or divorce.
  5. Family Conflict Resolution: Facilitating dialogue to resolve conflicts and improve family harmony.
  6. Parenting Issues and Approaches: Guidance on effective parenting strategies tailored to individual family needs.
  7. Adolescents / Teens Counselling: Addressing the unique challenges faced by teenagers within the family context.
  8. Mixed / Blended Family Dynamics: Navigating the complexities of blended family relationships.
  9. Pre-marital Counselling: Preparing couples for marriage with tools and insights for a strong foundation.

Demographic-Specific Counselling

Tailored to meet the unique needs of various groups including children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly, addressing specific challenges faced by each demographic.

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  1. Children’s Counselling and Development: Focusing on the emotional, social, and developmental needs of children through age-appropriate therapies and interventions.
  2. Teenagers and Young Adults: Addressing the unique challenges faced by adolescents and young adults, such as identity, peer pressure, and transitioning to adulthood.
  3. Men’s Counselling: Catering to the specific emotional and mental health needs of men, with an emphasis on communication, emotional expression, and stress management.
  4. Women’s Issues: Providing a supportive space to address issues uniquely affecting women, including societal pressures, work-life balance, and emotional well-being.
  5. Special Needs Counselling: Offering specialized support for individuals with disabilities or special needs, focusing on empowerment, independence, and social integration.
  6. Elderly Counselling: Addressing the psychological, emotional, and social aspects of aging, including coping with health issues, loss, and life transitions.

Disorders Counselling

Catering to individuals with psychological disorders, offering tailored support for managing symptoms and improving overall mental health.

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  1. Adjustment Disorders: Assisting clients in coping with significant life changes and stressors, facilitating adaptation and resilience.
  2. Anxiety Disorders: Offering strategies to manage anxiety symptoms, including generalized anxiety, panic disorders, and social anxiety.
  3. Developmental Disorders: Providing support and guidance for individuals with developmental challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.
  4. Dissociative Disorders: Addressing and treating the complex symptoms of dissociative disorders, including identity and memory issues.
  5. Eating Disorders: Offering therapy for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other eating disorders, focusing on healthy self-image and behaviors.
  6. Impulse Control Disorders: Helping clients manage impulsive behaviors, including ADHD and conduct disorders.
  7. Mood and Depressive Disorders: Providing support and treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, and related mood disturbances.
  8. Personality Disorders: Tailoring therapy for various personality disorders, focusing on coping mechanisms and interpersonal relationships.
  9. Sleep Disorders: Addressing issues related to sleep, including insomnia and sleep apnea, and their impact on daily life.
  10. Somatoform Disorders: Assisting in managing disorders involving physical symptoms with psychological origins.
  11. Substance Use Disorders: Supporting recovery and management of substance abuse and dependency.

Abuse Counselling

Providing a safe space for survivors of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, focusing on healing, empowerment, and recovery.

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  1. motional and Psychological Abuse: Assisting individuals who have endured emotional manipulation and psychological harm, focusing on rebuilding self-esteem, trust, and resilience.
  2. Physical Abuse: Providing a safe and compassionate space for survivors of physical abuse to heal, understand, and overcome the trauma they have experienced.
  3. Sexual Abuse: Offering sensitive and specialized support for survivors of sexual abuse, addressing the complex emotions and trauma associated with such experiences.
  4. Childhood Abuse: Helping adults who have experienced abuse in childhood navigate the long-term effects, including issues related to trust, intimacy, and self-worth.
  5. Domestic Violence: Supporting individuals who have been in abusive domestic situations, focusing on safety planning, empowerment, and emotional recovery.
  6. Elder Abuse: Assisting elderly individuals who have faced abuse, focusing on dignity, respect, and recovery from trauma, as well as addressing any specific age-related concerns.

Career and Education Counselling

Guiding individuals through professional and educational decisions, focusing on career development, workplace challenges, and academic success.

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  1. Facilitating career transitions and development, helping individuals align their careers with their strengths and interests.
  2. Tackling workplace issues, enhancing job satisfaction, and strategizing for career advancement.
  3. Providing guidance in academic decision-making, addressing educational challenges, and optimizing learning and performance.

Mediation and Consultation Counselling

Specialized in resolving conflicts and providing guidance, this service aids in family mediation, workplace issues, and educational and career consultation.

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  1. Family Mediation: Assisting families in resolving internal conflicts and disputes through effective communication and negotiation strategies.
  2. Workplace Conflict Resolution: Providing mediation services to address and resolve workplace conflicts, enhancing team dynamics and productivity.
  3. Educational Consultation: Offering advice and strategies to address educational challenges, including student behavior, learning difficulties, and parent-teacher communication.
  4. Career and Vocational Guidance: Assisting individuals in making informed career decisions, addressing vocational challenges, and planning for career transitions.
  5. Employee Assistance Plans: Designing and implementing support programs to enhance employee well-being and workplace performance.
  6. Health and Wellness Assessment: Evaluating personal health and wellness, and providing recommendations to improve physical and mental well-being.

Addictions Counselling

Dedicated to helping individuals combat substance and behavioral addictions, offering strategies for recovery and long-term sobriety.

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  1. Alcohol and Drug Addiction: Support and strategies for overcoming dependence on substances, focusing on both physical and psychological recovery.
  2. Gambling Addiction: Offering techniques to control gambling impulses and addressing the underlying emotional and psychological triggers.
  3. Sexual Addiction: Helping individuals understand and manage compulsive sexual behaviors, and exploring healthier relationship dynamics.
  4. Other Behavioral Addictions: Tailoring support for addictions not categorized above, including shopping, food, or work addictions.

    Other Specializations Counselling

    Covering a broad range of areas including emotional, behavioral, and life transition challenges, tailored to meet specific personal needs.

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    1. Abandonment Issues: Addressing feelings of loss and rejection, and fostering a sense of security and self-worth.
    2. Post-Abortion Healing: Providing compassionate support and healing for emotional and psychological effects post-abortion.
    3. Aggression and Hostility: Strategies to manage and understand aggressive behaviors and underlying causes.
    4. Anger Management: Offering techniques for controlling anger and expressing emotions constructively.
    5. Anxiety and Worry: Tailored approaches to reduce anxiety symptoms and manage worry effectively.
    6. Body Image Issues: Supporting a healthier self-perception and addressing body image concerns.
    7. Boundaries Setting: Guidance on establishing and maintaining healthy personal boundaries.
    8. Caregiver Stress: Providing support for those caring for others, focusing on self-care and stress management.
    9. Communication Issues: Enhancing interpersonal skills and effective communication strategies.
    10. Dependency and Co-Dependency: Addressing issues of dependency in relationships and fostering independence.
    11. Financial Stress and Debt Management: Offering strategies for managing financial stress and overcoming debt challenges.
    12. Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Facilitating the process of forgiveness, both self and towards others.
    13. Grief and Loss: Providing support through the grieving process for various forms of loss.
    14. Identity and Cultural Adjustment Issues: Assisting in navigating identity crises and cultural adjustment challenges.
    15. Midlife Transition: Guidance and support through midlife changes and adjustments.
    16. Multicultural Issues: Addressing challenges associated with multicultural identities and experiences.
    17. Obsessions and Compulsive Behaviors: Strategies to manage obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.
    18. Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder: Techniques to manage and reduce the occurrence of panic attacks.
    19. Personality Growth and Issues: Supporting personal development and addressing personality-related challenges.
    20. Phobias and Fears: Offering therapeutic approaches to confront and manage specific phobias and fears.
    21. Postpartum Depression: Providing support for mothers experiencing postpartum depression and mood fluctuations.
    22. PTSD: Specialized therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and trauma-related challenges.
    23. Relationship and Dating Issues: Guidance on building healthy relationships and navigating dating challenges.
    24. Sexuality and Sexual Health: Addressing questions and issues related to sexuality and sexual health.
    25. Self-Injury and Cutting: Offering strategies for coping with self-harm behaviors and addressing underlying emotional issues.
    26. Self-Esteem Enhancement: Focusing on building self-esteem and self-confidence.
    27. Stress Management: Techniques to effectively manage and reduce stress levels.
    28. Special Needs and Disability Support: Tailored support for individuals with special needs or disabilities.
    29. Transition Counselling: Assisting with life transitions and changes, such as career shifts or relationship changes.
    30. Trauma and Crisis Intervention: Providing immediate support and long-term strategies for trauma recovery.
    31. Trust and Mistrust Issues: Addressing issues related to trust in personal and professional relationships.
    32. Women’s Issues: Focusing on challenges and concerns specific to women’s emotional and mental health.


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