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Murray Molohon: A Distinguished Career in Counseling and Mental Health

Murray Molohon, a Registered Psychologist with an MA and BSW, boasts an extensive and diverse career spanning over 35 years in the field of counseling and mental health. His journey is marked by significant contributions and varied experiences, reflecting his deep commitment and expertise in this vital area.

Professional Journey

Early Career in Crisis and Care (1988-1994)

Murray’s professional journey began with his involvement in youth, family, and crisis interventions from 1988 to 1994. During these formative years, he spent 6 years at a crisis and care centre, playing a critical role in managing immediate psychological crises and providing urgent care and support. This period was instrumental in shaping his approach to mental health, particularly in high-stress and emergency situations.

Decade as a Social Worker (1994-2004)

Throughout this chapter of his career, Murray gained profound insights into the complex dynamics influencing individual and relationship health. His role as a social worker involved engaging in direct counselling, where he was at the forefront of addressing and managing the numerous intricate factors impacting mental well-being. This immersive experience allowed him to explore the diverse aspects that affect mental health, deepening his understanding of the intricate connections between these elements and individual mental health outcomes. Murray’s hands-on experiences endowed him with a unique perspective, significantly enriching his future contributions to the field of psychology.

Distinguished Career in Psychology (2004-Present)

Murray has been a practicing psychologist for 20 years as of 2024. His career in psychology is characterized by his dedication to fostering positive change in both personal and relational issues. His expertise particularly shines in the realm of couple counselling, where he excels at helping partners establish deeper emotional connections and effective support systems. His approach, focused on enhancing communication, teaching problem-solving strategies, and addressing complex issues, has proven effective in nurturing healthier and more enduring relationships.

Educational Background and Professional Affiliations

Educational Background: Murray’s academic journey has taken him through notable institutions, including the University of Gonzaga in Washington and the University of Calgary. He also holds a Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Providence. These academic endeavors have provided him with a strong foundation in both psychology and social work. Professional Affiliations: Currently, Murray is registered as a Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and is a member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta. He was formerly registered as a Social Worker with the Canadian Association of Social Workers, highlighting his broad professional scope. Murray Molohon’s career is a testament to his unwavering dedication to mental health and his commitment to helping individuals and couples navigate their challenges. His diverse experiences, ranging from crisis intervention to social work and psychology, underscore his comprehensive approach to counseling. His work, grounded in a blend of academic knowledge and practical experience, positions him as a distinguished figure in the field of psychology and counseling.

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