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Healing the Scars of Abandonment: Understanding and Overcoming Abandonment Issues

Abandonment issues can arise from a variety of experiences, often leading to lasting emotional impacts. At Alberta Counselling Services, we provide support and strategies for individuals grappling with feelings of abandonment, guiding them towards healing and fostering healthier relationships.

Understanding Abandonment Issues:
These issues typically stem from experiences of loss or neglect, particularly in childhood. They can manifest in fears of rejection, insecurity in relationships, and challenges with self-worth.

1. Recognizing the Signs:
Common signs include difficulty trusting others, anxiety in relationships, a tendency to cling to or quickly detach from partners, and a deep fear of being alone or rejected.

2. Addressing the Root Causes:
Our approach involves exploring and understanding the root causes of abandonment issues, often hidden in past experiences, to foster healing.

3. Developing Healthy Relationship Patterns:
We focus on helping individuals develop healthier relationship patterns, moving away from fear-based reactions and towards secure and trusting interactions.

4. Building Self-Esteem and Resilience:
Enhancing self-esteem and resilience is crucial. We guide individuals in fostering a stronger sense of self and confidence in their worth.

Abandonment Issues Counselling at Alberta Counselling Services:
Our approach is empathetic, supportive, and tailored to individual needs:

  • Personalized Therapy Plans: We create individualized plans that address the unique experiences and needs of each person.
  • Safe and Empathetic Environment: Our sessions offer a safe and understanding space for individuals to explore their feelings and experiences.
  • Empowerment-focused Strategies: We emphasize empowering individuals with tools for emotional regulation and building strong, healthy relationships.
  • Collaborative Approach: We work collaboratively with individuals, helping them recognize their strengths and develop strategies to overcome their abandonment issues.

Dealing with abandonment issues is a deeply personal and often challenging journey. At Alberta Counselling Services, we are committed to supporting individuals through this process, offering the guidance and empathy needed to heal and build a future of more secure and fulfilling relationships.


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